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We are embarking on a unique moment in history. The number of Baby Boomer owners of small and medium-sized businesses is rapidly increasing and many are struggling with understanding how to step back from their businesses, letting somebody else take over, or are considering their options of how to get the most value out.

Today’s business owners are facing an overwhelming challenge…choices that will ultimately affect their organization and their future. Now, more than ever, business owners require expert direction and support to make informed decisions.

Value Driver was created to provide much needed practical advice to help business owners build value in their business by optimizing the performance of people, strategy and systems.

We are a unique consulting practice offering fresh perspectives, a variety of value added services, and a unique implementation model.  We not only advise, we take a vested interest in your business so that we can help you reach your objectives.

Our primary operating principles are grounded in the belief that business owners need trusted partners to work with them in their change efforts, and our experience and expertise incorporate proven approaches to deliver results.

We understand that we don’t have all the answers, but we have assembled a team of experts that can draw the solutions from your business and will collaborate with you to increase revenues, reduce costs, and mitigate risks.

We work with your team of professionals (accountants, lawyers, business brokers, bankers and/or financial planners) to aggregate their advice into a plan and then implement the plan to increase business value because that is our area of expertise, building business value

Value Driver is a comprehensive consulting practice dedicated to assisting with human resources, strategy, and sales.  Whether looking to grow, exit or step back, let us help you build value in your business.

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